Share Better with This New App!

In the world of social media, the word travels fast. Content from one website is easily spread and transferred to another website in the blink of an eye. Just copy the link and change a few settings, then your content is now plugged onto other social media applications or websites. The problem is, for some applications, automatic sharing from one app to another only shows the link itself. No pictures, no thumbnails, nothing. Just underlined text in blue font. My dear friends, I have a solution to that.

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Blogs You Must Read

I would like to feature on this site the few people who I look up to in the blogging industry. The following bloggers are listed in no particular order.

Mandy Ferrugia of A Girl, Obsessed

After reading A Girl, Obsessed, I immediately got inspired to create blog posts that are not only limited to food reviews and travel tips, but those that are open to the lifestyle aspect as well. Her blog is visually appealing, and she writes about almost everything!


Source: A Girl, Obsessed

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2015 Highlights

The year 2015 came by really fast. Due to busy schedules and task-overload, it seems as if this year just happened in the blink of an eye. But despite that, I tried to make the most out of the rare and little breaks that I’ve had for the entire year.

1. Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

 This was my first summer adventure for the year 2015. Burot Beach is the typical 3-hour travel from the city. It is owned and being maintained by SM Group of Companies for public use given that they pay a certain fee. The area is very secluded. We had to use Waze to get to the beach. The sand was cream white, but it wasn’t as fine as the ones we see in Boracay. But despite that, it’s still a beautiful place. Nothing can beat the serenity this place holds.

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Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

My friends and I decided to grab breakfast somewhere in Legaspi Village, and luckily, we came across Wildflour Cafe + Bakery. We met up early in the morning, took some pictures, and once we were done, we ate breakfast. Besides, there’s no better way to start your day than with delicious food! Continue reading “Wildflour Cafe + Bakery”

10 “Must Haves” For Every Out-Of-Town Trip

Always end up forgetting an item whenever you’re on a trip out of town? Don’t worry, that happens to me too. In fact, that has occurred to me a lot of times, which is why I always make sure to keep a list of the things that I need whenever I go out of town.

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Batlag and Daranak: 2 Falls In One

After a summer of amusing and exciting trips, we wanted to go somewhere that would bring us closer to nature. Batlag and Daranak Falls were located in Tanay, Rizal. My friend, Aly, searched for many places (specifically waterfalls) that were just close to Metro Manila. Luckily, she came across Batlag and Daranak Falls. A good thing about it is that from Daranak Falls, it only takes about a 10-minute walk to reach Batlag Falls.

 The day before our trip, my 2 other friends (Jamie and Aly) and I slept over at my other friend’s house (Jamina). We set our alarms to 7am, and being the typical girls that we are, it took us an hour to get ready. We left the house at 8am. We passed by Robinsons Pioneer to pick up 3 of my other friends (Steff, Sheiji, and Sam). It was approximately a 2-hour trip, inclusive of the stopovers.

Welcome to Daranak Falls 🙂

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Mangrove Hotel Resort

Yes, I must admit that my friends and I are the ones who can’t stay put in our own houses (HAHAHAHAHA). We love travelling and seeing new places. That’s definitely one thing you can’t take away from our system.

My friend, Aly, arranged a small out-of-town trip in celebration for her 16th birthday. Truth be told, she really wanted to stay in Camp Netanya, which was in Batangas. I mean, who would not want to see the “Little Piece of Santorini” in the Philippines? It just so happened that all the rooms were booked during the only free weekend that we had at that time :(. This, then, led us to what I call a “Little Serene Getaway” in Mangrove Hotel Resort, Subic.

Earlier that day, we had cheer practice in school. As soon as it finished, we were on the road.

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Maginhawa Street

We all know that Maginhawa St. is well-known for its variety of mouth-watering food. After seeing numerous posts and articles about the famous Maginhawa St., I, being the food enthusiast that I am, along with my friends and my mom, have decided to see it for ourselves. Believe me when I say that we couldn’t wait to step out of the car once we arrived there.

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