10 “Must Haves” For Every Out-Of-Town Trip

Always end up forgetting an item whenever you’re on a trip out of town? Don’t worry, that happens to me too. In fact, that has occurred to me a lot of times, which is why I always make sure to keep a list of the things that I need whenever I go out of town.

1. Wallet

How are you supposed to go on a trip without any cash? You need your wallet with you in case you need to pay for something (which is likely to happen), or in times that authorities will need any ID to make sure of your identification.

2. Food and Water

Everyone loves food. Your trip’s going to be a whole lot better if you brought a lot of food and drinks.  Besides, it’s always good to have something to munch on during the trip.

3. Blanket and Pillows

For the perfect road trip, bring your comfiest and softest cushions and blankets. You will most likely find yourself in times of sleep, especially when you’re traveling early in the morning. Just don’t go too extensive on the size of the pillows and blankets, they might take up too much space!

4. Camera

What’s a memorable trip without pictures? You’re going to browse through them in the future and remember the exact feeling you had on that trip. Photos capture every moment. Plus, you gotta update your Instagram feed for further #IGgoals.

5. Toiletries and Medication

This is needed especially if you’re staying overnight. Include all your personal needs like your toothbrush, sunblock, shampoo, soap, tissue, and your medications. If you’re on “Girl Scout Mode”, you may also want to bring bandaids or alcohol.

6. Ziplock or Plastic Bags

Ziplocks will always come in handy. You wouldn’t want to come home with a gadget that’s dripping wet because it swam along with you. Plastic bags are needed in case you want to pack something, or even if it’s just for your clothes.

7. Sunglasses

Bring a pair of sunnies so you won’t have to scrunch your nose when the sun’s too bright for you to see, nobody wants to get wrinkles. Also, it’s a great accessory when you’re taking pictures!

8. GPS/Map

Just to be sure that you’re going where you really planned to. You can use the app, “Waze”, it’s really helpful because it calculates the traffic, your (ETA) Estimated Time of Arrival and it even shows which route will take you to your destination the fastest!

9. Gadgets

Living in the 21st century, we’re all surrounded with all forms of technology. We communicate through our gadgets. Bring your devices, chargers, power banks, and even your earphones.

10. Playlist

If you want to make your trip really “chill”, choose your favourite songs and put them together to create a “Roadtrip Playlist”. Music definitely soothes the soul.

That’s it folks! Enjoy your next out-of-town trip!

Photo credits to my beautiful mom!


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