Farmacy: The Ice Cream Prescription

Haven’t you noticed that it’s getting hotter and hotter everyday? I went to Bonifacio Global City with my two friends, and we were literally bathing in our sweat. We thought about the solution to that, which was: ICE CREAM. 

I’m sure many of you have heard about Farmacy. I first knew about it because of my mom. She was talking to me about this cool ice cream place at BGC. She kept blabbering about Farmacy, while I thought she was talking about a pharmacy. So I wondered, why would a pharmacy have really good ice cream? That’s when she clarified that it’s Farmacy spelled with an “F” not a “Ph”. Once I knew about it, I searched for it and it looked amazing!

The room temperature felt like heaven, considering the fact that it was so hot outside. We took our seats on the bar stool in front of the counter. Instead of getting one sundae each, we just shared 2 sundaes.

I was able to take a few pictures while waiting for our order.

How cute are these cookie jars?!

Our orders have finally arrived!

Banana Split Sundae
Pick Me Up Sundae (switched ice cream flavour to 2 scoops of Cookie Dough)

Crazy as it may sound, but that was actually the first time that I felt full because of ice cream.


Everything was definitely on point! They kept everything in line with the theme (a pharmacy). Although, their Cookie Dough flavour (which is generally my favorite) didn’t taste really good. Despite that, it still is a good place to visit. The ambiance of Farmacy made it a really good place to “chill” in.

Ground Floor, Netlima Building, 4th Avenue Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Monday – Wednesday & Sunday 11AM to 12MN
Thursday – Saturday 11AM to 2AM


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