Applebee’s is an American restaurant that has just opened its first branch in the Philippines. For a few weeks, I have been wanting to visit the restaurant and try their dishes. Luckily, I found time to do so.

It was a really hot day, which is why Aly, my mom and I couldn’t wait to get inside. The interior of the restaurant was really beautiful. 

I am not a heavy eater, and it just so happened that my mom and Aly weren’t as well. With that being said, we just ordered two dishes that we’ll share. The first one was the Three-Cheese Chicken Cavatappi. In the menu, it said that the dish had “grilled chicken over cavatappi pasta, bruschetta tomato, Alfredo sauce and Parmesan blend.” I am not a fan of cheese, but there was something about this dish that made me want to eat more. 

Our second dish was the Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken. It had apple relish, a lemon olive oil vinaigrette with cranberries, rice, honey-glazed pecans and quinoa. Having seen the many ingredients that they have included in the dish, it’s surprising to know how all of the flavours go so well together. 

Originally, we were supposed to get the Triple Chocolate Meltdown, but it was not available during that time. We really wanted to eat something sweet after, so we just chose the Churros S’mores. It didn’t bring the “wow” factor to me. I feel like the churros were too thin compared to previous ones that I have tasted. The chocolate dip was too strong for me maybe because of the blowtorched marshmallows. 

Due to the place’s “chill” ambiance, we stayed a little longer than expected. It turns out, my mom invited her friends to come and join us in the restaurant. They ended up ordering another dish. It must be luck, because when they arrived, the Triple Chocolate Meltdown was finally available. It was a fudge cake topped with ice cream, definitely a sweet treat. I loved how moist it was, but after a few bites, it was too much already. If you’re not into sweets (like me), I suggest that you share this dish.

We definitely overstayed because we felt too comfortable. One more thing that made us stay was the fast Wi-Fi connection. We weren’t able to keep track of time because we were all so distracted by our phones. What’s good about Applebee’s is that it has a wide variety of dishes.

Ground Floor, W Global Center, 9th Avenue Corner 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

Monday – Thursday, Sunday 11AM to 12MN
Friday – Saturday 11AM to 2AM


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