Mangrove Hotel Resort

Yes, I must admit that my friends and I are the ones who can’t stay put in our own houses (HAHAHAHAHA). We love travelling and seeing new places. That’s definitely one thing you can’t take away from our system.

My friend, Aly, arranged a small out-of-town trip in celebration for her 16th birthday. Truth be told, she really wanted to stay in Camp Netanya, which was in Batangas. I mean, who would not want to see the “Little Piece of Santorini” in the Philippines? It just so happened that all the rooms were booked during the only free weekend that we had at that time :(. This, then, led us to what I call a “Little Serene Getaway” in Mangrove Hotel Resort, Subic.

Earlier that day, we had cheer practice in school. As soon as it finished, we were on the road.

We were asleep during the whole trip. Zzzz…

After approximately 4 hours, we have finally arrived at our destination! YAAAAAY!! 🙂

It was pretty late when we arrived at Mangrove. We left Makati at around 1pm, so we got there at around 4 or 5pm. After checking in we headed straight to our room. Once we saw the snug and cozy bed, we couldn’t help but lie down and embrace the soft sheets. Basically, we just stayed in the room on our first day (or night cause we arrived really late :p).

We promised ourselves that we would wake up extra early the next day to make up for the time wasted the previous day. We started off by greeting Aly “Happy birthday!”, and we headed down for breakfast. Just a tip, the food was a bit pricey, so if you’re limiting yourself with a budget, bring a lot of snacks!!

And as expected, our trip would be not be complete without taking tons of pictures!

This is how much we love each other! ❤

It really was the perfect weekend getaway.

Huge thanks to Aly for bringing us to this place!



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