Coffee Series: United Coffee

The second post in my Coffee Series is about a hidden coffee shop nestled in Pasig City. It has recently become a weekend tradition that me and my friend, Aly, would spend Saturday afternoons in new, quiet and uncrowded coffee shops. United Coffee is located in Kapitolyo, which is home to delicious treats from undiscovered restaurants.

We used Waze to reach the coffee shop, and it took us to the back entrance of the establishment. It’s located on the second floor of the building and there weren’t any signs of the coffee shop. Luckily, when Waze signalled that we were near the coffee shop, we started to look around until we found it. There were also several restaurants and coffee shops around the area which made me want to come back to explore the place as well.


United Coffee does not only serve coffee, but they also offer main courses. My friend had a Php300 discount from Booky Manila for the condition that the bill is at a minimum of Php1000. Since we were five, it was not hard for us to obtain that amount.

We ordered a Carbonara (Php 195). I’m not a fan of white sauce because the taste is too bland for me. If I keep eating it, I don’t usually consume a lot because I think there’s nothing so special about it but cream. Contrary to what I think, my mom loves Carbonara. If she could eat Carbonara every single day, she would. This led me into tasting United Coffee’s Carbonara. To my surprise, there’s something about it that is actually distinct from other typical Carbonara. There’s a strong taste to it that stood out, which makes me really like the dish.


One of my favorite drinks in general is a Green Tea Latte. Luckily, they had their version of a Matcha Green Tea Latte (Php 130). I like the taste because well, it is my favorite. But I don’t think there’s something special to its taste. Don’t get me wrong, green tea lattes taste amazing, but I was just looking for something to “wow” me. Nevertheless, it still is a good sell.


Can I just say, I might go loco over this next dish. Their Choco Lava Cake ala Mode (Php 160 + 30) is very well-balanced. The cake isn’t rough and overcooked, and it’s really moist. It’s not too sweet and it really goes well with the ice cream. You may choose to order just the cake without the ice cream, but I would really suggest you take the ice cream.



No regrets into visiting this place. Aside from the discount, the place itself is very neat. They have a fast Wifi connection and if you’re planning to just chill, it would be a good place. My only comment is that from what I saw, they don’t have a dirty kitchen. Behind the counter, that’s where they brew coffee, make drinks, and even cook the main dishes.


Second Floor, 16 United Street,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City


Tuesday – Sunday 12NN to 10PM


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