Share Better with This New App!

In the world of social media, the word travels fast. Content from one website is easily spread and transferred to another website in the blink of an eye. Just copy the link and change a few settings, then your content is now plugged onto other social media applications or websites. The problem is, for some applications, automatic sharing from one app to another only shows the link itself. No pictures, no thumbnails, nothing. Just underlined text in blue font. My dear friends, I have a solution to that.

Introducing, IFTTT, which stands for “if this, then that”. A newly discovered app that allows you to not only share that blue link, but also allows you to automatically share a picture or a thumbnail along with the link.


It’s easy. It has this feature called “Recipes”, which allows you to connect your apps, accounts, and devices through their statement: “if this, then that.” Choose a source app for your “if this” portion, and another app for your “then that” portion. A perfect example would be when you want to share your Instagram photo (and not the link) on Twitter. All you have to do is create a recipe “If this (Instagram), then that (Twitter).


IFTTT is connected with numerous apps which allows you to do so much. You have the freedom of making your personal recipe, but you can also browse through the recommended and frequently used ones.  It also has Collections which contains groups of recipes which have the same purpose.


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