Philippine Heritage at Las Casas

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a perfect place for people like me who love both history and traveling. For months, I have been longing to go to this heritage site. Many people have said positive experiences about their trip to this place. It is a site rich of Filipino culture and heritage. Continue reading “Philippine Heritage at Las Casas”


Travelogue: Taiwan Day 1

Known for its night markets, healthy food, and the famous Din Tai Fung, I must say that there is so much more to Taiwan than just what it is commonly known for. Yes, this country did live it up to its claims, but then there are countless more things and sceneries to discover from this extremely beautiful place.

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10 “Must Haves” For Every Out-Of-Town Trip

Always end up forgetting an item whenever you’re on a trip out of town? Don’t worry, that happens to me too. In fact, that has occurred to me a lot of times, which is why I always make sure to keep a list of the things that I need whenever I go out of town.

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