Blogs You Must Read

I would like to feature on this site the few people who I look up to in the blogging industry. The following bloggers are listed in no particular order.

Mandy Ferrugia of A Girl, Obsessed

After reading A Girl, Obsessed, I immediately got inspired to create blog posts that are not only limited to food reviews and travel tips, but those that are open to the lifestyle aspect as well. Her blog is visually appealing, and she writes about almost everything!


Source: A Girl, Obsessed

Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought

Ever since I was younger, I have always looked up to Kryz Uy. Her bubbly personality seems to be very evident in each post.


Source: Thirsty Thought

Brad of Ladyironchef

My mom loves reading posts by Ladyironchef because it is very informative, but at the same time it does not bore the readers. Do not be deceived, this “lady” is actually a man.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.28.01 AM
Source: Ladyironchef

Arisse De Santos of Love, A

Aside from her pretty face, I am entertained by her style of writing because it seems as if she is reading the post to you. It may seem very personal to others, but at least we’re sure that all of it is sincere and true.


Source: Love, A

Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe of Two Monkeys Travel Group

Two Monkeys Travel Group is founded by Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe. It has grown to become a site with contributing writers from all over the world. After reading their article ‘How to Start a Travel Blog and Earn Money in 6 months, I decided to get serious about blogging. This couple has gone to many places, and they have encountered so much. I am a hundred percent sure that everything they say is reliable. They aim to motivate people to explore the world and experience its amazing features.


Source: Two Monkeys Travel Group

Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja of Escape Journal

The images in her blog make the place look even more beautiful. The site looks very minimalistic, it is visually appealing, and you can feel how much they adore each place through her posts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.44.23 AM

Source: Escape Journal

Kally Araneta of From A Distance

She does so much, but she still continues to maintain such a beautiful blog. I have read her article about why she blogs, and I can really tell how passionate she is about what she is doing, which is blogging.



Source: From A Distance

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