Philippine Heritage at Las Casas

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a perfect place for people like me who love both history and traveling. For months, I have been longing to go to this heritage site. Many people have said positive experiences about their trip to this place. It is a site rich of Filipino culture and heritage. The resort is owned by Architect Jerry Acuzar, who headed the restoration of these houses. Each house had its parts carefully dismantled from its area of origin, and brought to Bataan for rebuilding. You may spend the night in the resort, but you can also take the day trip, which costs around Php1500. It is inclusive of jeepney rides, a walking tour, a water bottle, and a cold towel after the tour. If you want to avail of their food included in the tour, the fee would be at Php2000.

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Casa Baliuag Uno, from Baliuag, Bulacan was built in 1898. It was home to Captain Vergel and his 9 children from the first wife, and 12 other children from his second wife. It is a large house which is the current residence of the Architect Gerry Acuzar and his family whenever they are in Las Casas. Beside Casa Baliwag Uno is Casa Biñan, where you will be able to watch a short play about Jose Rizal and Teodora Alonzo.


Las Casas also built a replica of the Santuario de San Jose (St. Joseph Cathedral) in Bulacan. Some areas are still under construction, but they are already able to hold mass on Sundays.

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Before starting the tour, you might set your eyes upon Casa Unisan. It is one of the houses which hold a dark past. It used to be a home of a family who was raided and got killed by its town occupants.


A replica of Hotel de Oriente from Binondo was a prestigious hotel back in the 18th to 19th centuries. It was also considered the most beautiful building back then. Seeing even just the replica at present time really does prove why it is considered to hold outstanding architecture. It is now being utilized as a convention center in the complex.


One of my favorite houses from the tour is Casa Hagonoy. It is a wooden house with a very intricate design. The complexity makes it look so detailed. It has several doors, which served as different entrances for different social classes. The view from this casa‘s balcony is rather breathtaking.


After the tour, this other house is quite eye-catching. Casa Ladrillo is a beautiful red-brick archival house. This means that there was a plan to build this house but it only remained on paper, and Las Casas brought it to reality. It serves as a vacation house for the since it is not a Filipino home.

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Since it is a walking tour, I suggest that you bring a bag that is convenient and lightweight. I assume you will be taking a lot of photos, so it will be easier to keep your hands free. Also, if you are a bit sensitive to the sun, wear some sunscreen or bring a cap or umbrella. You may bring your own snacks, since they are not strict regarding outside food.

Another tip: Some houses will require you to remove your shoes in order to preserve the material of floor and at the same time to keep the house clean as well. It will be best to wear comfortable and slip-on shoes for the long walk and for your convenience too.

My post covers only some of the many beautiful houses in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. It serves only as a glimpse, but I suggest you experience the beauty of Filipino heritage yourself. The stories will leave you amazed and in awe of how the Philippines held its culture back then.


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