Maginhawa Street

We all know that Maginhawa St. is well-known for its variety of mouth-watering food. After seeing numerous posts and articles about the famous Maginhawa St., I, being the food enthusiast that I am, along with my friends and my mom, have decided to see it for ourselves. Believe me when I say that we couldn’t wait to step out of the car once we arrived there.

We’ve endured a long car ride to Maginhawa, considering the fact that traffic is always present in Manila. So, once we got there at around 4PM, our stomachs were grumbling. We were looking forward to eating in StrEat, but we found out that it wasn’t open yet. I would still open at 5PM (sad 😦 huhuhu). So, we just decided to eat in Crazy Katsu.
We all love Japanese food, so we gave it a try!

Chicken Katsu, Tonkatsu, and Iced Coffee

At 5PM, we headed straight to StrEat.

It was SUPER hot when we got there, but as soon as the restaurants opened, it started drizzling ( 😦 NOOO!!) We wanted to eat in Lost Bread, but most of the seats were outside, and we didn’t want to get wet, so we just took our spot in Magpie Cafe.

The place was really nice and convenient, especially considering the fact that it was pouring outside. We ordered the Mango Madness Waffle, and it tasted like heaven.

After consuming the waffle, it was still raining hard so we bought another one, but in a different flavour and in the form of Bingsoo (shaved ice). We got the Macha Bingsoo.

Once the rain stopped, we decided to head home *sigh*. Overall, I can say that it was a one-of-a-kind experience! The Philippines really is home for exemplary food.


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