Eat Healthy at Susi


Healthy food can actually taste good? Choosing to eat healthy does not mean you only eat greens (unless you’re vegan). It’s a balance between fruits, vegetables, and of course some meat to provide you with protein. It’s just that you have to cut down on your intake of oily and fatty food.

My mom, a fellow food enthusiast wanted to eat somewhere new but still wanted to keep it healthy. Susi is a vegan and gluten-free Filipino restaurant. Upon hearing the restaurant’s description, my first thought was that all this restaurant serves is salad, but that wasn’t the case. The restaurant actually has a lot of choices in their menu.


Channeling my Filipino side, I wanted to get something that a typical Filipino would get. The dish Jose Rizal, in their Weekend Brunch Menu is only available from 9AM unitl 2PM on weekends. It’s corn-free, gluten-free, and protein-packed. It includes garlic rice, a garbanzo omelet, mushroom chorizos, some greens, cherry tomatoes, and atchara. I personally think that I need some getting-used-to this dish. The chorizos are not your typical chorizos, but they taste good. It’s the omelet I felt a bit odd about. At first I thought it was folded for presentation purposes, but it was really because it had beans inside, which I am not really in favor of.


Of course, we can’t go on eating without my mom’s favorite: pasta. I’ll Pesto Yer Fez! is, as the name suggests, a pesto pasta. It is a soy-free and corn-free penne cooked with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and black olives. Huge thumbs up for this one! The waiter will give you a choice between ordinary pasta or the gluten-free one. There is no price difference, so I suggest you try the gluten-free pasta for a change.


I love the peace and quiet that this place gives. During my visit, there weren’t much people so it was just me and my mom plus two other tables on the second floor. Wifi is available, although it doesn’t really work. About the food, it’s good, but if you’re not used to eating this much gluten-free dishes, it might come off a little new for you.


Bellagio 2, Forbestown Rd., Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Philippines


Monday – Sunday 11AM to 11PM



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