Newest Outdoor Adventure @ Alviera Sandbox

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A sandbox is often associated with kids. As the name suggests, it’s a box containing a lot of sand for children to play in. One of Ayala Land’s newest projects, ALVIERA, located in Porac, Pampanga, has an outdoor recreational area called Sandbox. It features a lot of activities and attractions. As I would call it, it’s a “playground for adults.”

Clark, Pampanga is only a 1 to 2-hour drive from Metro Manila. Sometimes, though, it may take much longer because the traffic in EDSA can be a bit crazy. From Clark via private vehicle, you may take the SCTEX for Php30 to Porac. From the Porac Toll Gate, Alviera is just about a 5 to 10-minute drive. As of June 2016, Alviera is still underdeveloped. Construction has started and there are a few guards at the entrance of Alviera, but it’s still just a vast empty space.

Sandbox offers fixed packages to make a better deal if ever people would want to avail of many activities. They have an entrance fee of Php100 which is already included in the packages. Below are the following Sandbox activities:

Giant Swing


It really is a giant swing. It’s a bit similar to the ride Anchors Away in Enchanted Kingdom, but this didn’t make me feel dizzy at all. I suggest that you ride this last because it feels very refreshing compared to the other tiring activities.

Aerial Walk


I would say I found this worth it and very interesting. The Aerial Walk Challenge contains a lot of different obstacles in order for you to reach the topmost level. It requires a lot of balance, but don’t worry, you’re stuck to the cable if ever you get shaky. My favorite part about this is that you end the challenge with 3 separate ziplines. I suggest you do this first because it’s not as tiring, but it’s a good start to pump up your energy.

Adventure Tower


A very daring and adventurous structure. Most of the activities can be found here. It has 4 different activities on each side of the tower. They have wall climbing, rappelling, free fall, and the rollercoaster zipline.

  1. Wall Climbing


Two people may climb at once, but since the people after me wanted to climb together, I had to go alone. I wasn’t able to reach the top simply because it was difficult especially with the far distance of each handle. With the sun adding heat, it became harder for me to grip the rocks. After climbing, only then did I realize that the right side was easier to climb because the rocks were in better places than the ones on the left side.

2. Rappelling


Among all the activities, I had to wait the longest for rappelling. Some people took too long trying to figure out if they could face their fear of heights or not. It was still fun, although there was nothing so special about the rappelling activity.

3. Free Fall


This shot was taken after the free fall. I jumped without giving my mom a signal to take a photo. Free falling in general is an exhilarating activity. Only a few people would dare and take this challenge. Being the adrenaline junkie that I am, of course I would try this out. Despite my excitement, I must admit that I started to feel a bit nervous once I reached the jump-off point. With kuya bugging me to hurry up and take the leap, I had to jump. It wasn’t actually what I expected. I thought it was going to be a fast fall where it would depend solely on your weight and gravity, but it was a safe because the cable you’re attached to is automatic. It’s a start for those with a fear of heights.

4. Avatar One Rollercoaster Zipline


Even before I knew about Sandbox, I was already dying to try the first ever rollercoaster zipline in the Philippines. I read an article about the Avatar One, and I’ve been wanting to go ever since. Definitely my favorite attraction in Sandbox! Must-try!

Outdoor Archery



They offer 2 different activities for Outdoor Archery: the Target and the Aqtiv. If you have no experience of archery at all, you have to take target archery. You may only take the aqtiv archery after taking the target archery, unless you already have a background in handling those bows and arrows.



Entrance Fee – Php 100
Giant Swing – Php 150
Free Fall – 
Php 100
Wall Climbing – Php 100
ATV – Php 2500/hr
UTV – Php 3000/hr
Aerial Walk – Php 250
Rappelling – Php 100
Rollercoaster Zipline – Php 150
Outdoor Archery (Target) – Php 300
Outdoor Archery (Aqtiv) – Php 150

Package A: Php 750

  • Sandbox Entrance Fee
  • Giant Swing
  • Aerial Walk
  • Rollercoaster Zipline
  • Adventure Tower
    • Free Fall
    • Rappelling
    • Wall Climbing

Package B: Php 500

  • Sandbox Entrance Fee
  • Giant Swing
  • Rollercoaster Zipline
  • Adventure Tower
    • Rappelling
    • Wall Climbing

Package C: Php 450

  • Sandbox Entrance Fee
  • Giant Swing
  • Rollercoaster Zipline
  • Adventure Tower
    • Free Fall

Package D: Php 700

  • Sandbox Entrance Fee
  • Giant Swing
  • Rollercoaster Zipline
  • Outdoor Archery
    • Target
    • Aqtiv

*All packages are fixed. You cannot interchange activities with ones that are of the same price. If ever you would like to add anything, you may pay the regular fee on top of the package.


Porac Access Road, Porac, Pampanga


Tuesday – Sunday 9AM to 5PM

If you want to see actual footages of my experience at Alviera Sandbox, I prepared a video for you guys. Click HERE to be directed to the video link.






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