I believe that photography is art. Anyone can take photos, but not everyone can capture the beauty of a single moment. I admire people who can produce a masterpiece with just one click. With my deep appreciation in this field of art, I would take anything just to learn something new regarding photography.

Tina, a friend of mine, has gone to the CameraHaus Photo Festival. She posted photos on social media, and I immediately got interested. I asked her some questions about it, and once I got the details, I cleared my schedule for the next day just so I could attend the event.




The Photo Festival is a 2-day event held at BGC High Street last May 28-29, 2016. It includes talks about different kinds of photography from Filipino photographers and videographers known locally and internationally. They also have booths of camera brands, freebies, interactive activities and workshops. The best part is, they have a raffle which you can join for free. Prizes would range from a small SD card to an actual camera. Upon registry, you will receive the event map and schedule, a booth stamp or checklist, a wristband, a coupon from Nikon, and your raffle ticket.


I was looking forward to Joe Galian’s talk on Food Photography. He shared the most amazing tips and techniques on how to get that mouth-watering shot. Afterwards,  I stayed to listen to Ted Madamba, a photographer based in Cebu, who gave a talk on The Art of Digital Photography. I didn’t expect much, but he turned out to be one of the best speakers. He had a great sense of humor, and he seemed to have experienced a lot. He didn’t want his talk to be about the techniques that he uses, but instead he wanted to expound on people’s definition of photography. He wanted to inspire people to pursue photography whether as a career or just a simple hobby. Another thing I learned from him is that you can’t expect to achieve a picture-perfect shot with just one take. Instead of just taking it, you have to make your photo.



It was definitely an A+ experience! I may not have won a prize from the raffle, but it wasn’t my main purpose for attending the event anyway. I initially wanted to learn and discover new things, and that is exactly what happened. Crossing my fingers because I really wish they would come up with this event again next year. It was a tiring and uncomfortable experience due to the weather, but everything was definitely worth it. Until next time!





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