Coffee Series: Restock Curiosities


I am not a coffee drinker. It’s because I’m trying my best to steer away from the possibility that caffeine can stop me from growing tall. Being tall is not in my genes, which is why I avoid things that negatively affect my height. However, even if I have my “abstinence” from coffee, I have always loved coffee shops. I love spending time in a place where, despite the noise and the clutter, you can still have your own quiet time.

A day before my mom’s birthday, we finally found time to visit a coffee shop she’s been bugging me about for months. Restock is a hidden gem nestled in San Antonio, Makati.



It’s a small place, but it feels very spacious. It sort of brings the same vibe as when you’re inside Pinto Art Museum. It has a light and homey aura. You can spend hours in this place without knowing because you might just feel like you’re at home.



They have a few books and magazines that you can read or browse through while at the shop. The ones that they have are still very much aligned to the interior of the place.


As mentioned, I try to stay caffeine-free. And how much more”caffeine-free” can I get by ordering their Hot Chocolate (Php 150). It’s made out of 65% Malagos chocolate from Davao. I love how the flavor is not too strong unlike some drinks where all you can taste is pure cocoa. It’s a very balanced drink. One more thing I like about it is the simple presentation. It’s served in a fine white cup with a cork coaster.


My mom got their Mocha (Php 180). Similar to the Hot Chocolate, it is also made with 65% of the Malagos chocolate. The only difference is that they added caffeine to this drink. You can expect that this tastes like their Hot Chocolate. Actually, it almost tastes that same.


They only sell a few items, but they also serve some snacks if you would like to order.


One that I will come back to for sure. I was telling my mom how much I’d love to bring my friends to this place. Good food and good ambiance.


7635 Guijo St., San Antonio Village,
Makati City, Philippines


Monday – Saturday 12NN to 10PM



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